Candle Burning and Storage Tips
* Never expose candles to direct sunlight or spotlights. Candles will fade if left
in the light for extended periods of time.
* Candles refrigerated before using will burn more slowly and evenly. Wrap in foil or plastic
before refrigeration to prevent wicks from absorbing moisture.

* Before a party, light and extinguish candles. They will light more quickly and easily later.

* Keep wicks centered and trimmed to 1/4-inch. Long and crooked wicks can cause
uneven burning and dripping.

* Always place candles in appropriate candle holders or bases.

* Candles and drafts don't mix! Drafts can cause rapid, uneven burning and excessive dripping.

* Burn candle one hour for each inch of diameter, every time you burn. The flame needs time to
soften and melt the wax to the outer edge. Burning for less time will cause the candle to bore a
hole down the middle, and give you less burn time.

* When first burning pillars, allow wax to pool to the outside rim, extinguish and let wax harden
before relighting. On subsequent burning, when the wax is pliable, gently shape sides
of candle toward the center.
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* Occasionally rotate the candle. This will help the candle to burn evenly.

* Votive candles will clean easily if you add 1/8-inch of water to the glass before inserting the candle.

* Extinguish candles when they get within 2 inches of their holders or decorations.

* Remove wax from holders by running very hot water over them.

* Clean soiled or scratched candles with a piece of nylon or use a touch of salad oil on the soft cloth.

* When extinguishing a candle, hold fingers in front of the flame and blow at them. The air will
flow around your fingers and extinguish the flame from both sides. Or use a candle
extinguisher. This will prevent hot wax from splattering and your wick from falling over.

* To remove wax from washable fabrics, scrape off excess wax and run boiling water through the

* If a wick becomes too short to light, carve away enough wax to expose the fresh wick, then
trim 1/4-inch off the top of the candle and burn the candle to reform its appearance.
(Tapers are the exception to this rule.)

* Never leave a burning candle unattended.

* Do not allow trimmed wicks, matches or other objects to remain in the candle.
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