Alaska Soy Candle Collection
Wildflower Collection
Eucalyptus~Lemon Grass ~ Purifying
Lemon Grass~Vanilla
Coffee'n Vanilla Creme
Victorian Rose
Wild Strawberry
Apple Pie
Green Tea
Lavender ~ Relaxing
Mandarin Plum ~ Revitalizing
Pumpkin Spice
Salmon Berry
Vanilla Spice
A clean, refreshing, uplifting scent that takes you
to the ocean and mountains of Alaska.
A delightful blend of coffee and creamy vanilla.
Clove oil is extracted from the buds, leaves and
stems of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia. It
acts as an antibiotic, antihistamine, antioxidant
and aphrodisiac. The aroma induces a meditative
Honey, melon, and cucumber has a
sweet soft scent
This fragrance is warm, rich and can be used as an
aphrodisiac. Jasmine dispels depression, is relaxing
and the unique fragrance is capable of bringing us
into brighter worlds of fantasy and sensuality.
Uplifting, purifying, stimulating, fresh, hopeful,
clean, scented lightly with warm vanilla.
Mandarin~Plum is a very soothing, uplifting
scent obtained from both the green and orange
fruits. Mandarin is very gentle and helps relive
insomnia, restlessness and nervous tension.
Orange oil is derived from sweet orange peel. It
is calming, treats nervous anxiety and promotes
happiness. Blended with vanilla, it makes a
perfect, warm, citrus fragrance.
Burgundy, fruity pomegranate. The sparkling
freshness of pomegranate scent infuses an
alluring spirit to your surroundings
Aromatic cinnamon and pumpkin spices
Rich warm vanilla with a strong addition of
cinnamon. A perfect balance to make any day
feel like a holiday. One of our top sellers.
Fragrant, feminine, nice, not overpowering
Smells like fresh pineapple and coconut. Sends
you  to a tropical paradise.
Jasmine, gardenia and vanilla in three
beautiful shades.
Jasmine~Gardenia ~ Romantic
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Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, deodorizing,
hypoglycemiant. Aroma clears the mind,
reminiscent of clean, open spaces, a cooling
breath of fresh air.
A healing and soothing essential oil,
anti-depressive, sedative, stimulator of the
immune system. This aroma is relaxing to the
nervous system and cleansing to the soul.
Luscious best describes this unusual blend with a light, sweet, fruit
fragrance. This is our best prescription for a long dull winter.
Our soy candles in a tin, are made from soybean plants so they burn cleaner and
emit significantly less soot. Each soy candle is hand-poured in our candle factory
located in Homer, Alaska. This candle is very convenient for travelers.
Burn time: Approx. 17-20 hours per 4 oz.

Available Scents: Salmonberry, Forget-Me-Not, Fireweed, Lavender, Wildberry,
Clove~Sandalwood, Arnica, Arctic Rose Cucumber Melon
$ 8.00 each
Inspired by the beauty of the Alaskan flowers, we've created this medley of fine quality, hand-poured candles that capture their vibrant colors and soft fragrances.
Individual 2.8 oz. candle with ribbon and tag: Arnica,
Arctic Rose. Fireweed. Forget-Me-Not
$4.00 each
Set of four 2.8 oz square candles: Forget-Me-Not,
Fireweed, Arnica, Arctic Rose
Same great hand-poured paraffin wax candle in a tin. Vanilla Spice scent
for that special someone. 8 oz Travel candle
$11.00 each
Antiseptic, aphrodisiac, white floral scent.
Chocolate~Blueberry Stripe
Chocolate~Strawberry Stripe
Raspberry Spice
Holiday Stripe
Holiday Mosaic
The first number in the drop-down lists below, is the diameter of the candle followed by the length.
Same great hand-poured, long-burning, high-quality, paraffin wax candle without a fragrance; when you just desire the warm glow of a lit candle.
Our Alaskan handmade Bug Off candle, in a tin, is made with the
citronella scent. A Bug Off candle placed inside or outside keeps the
insects away.
8 oz. tin $11.00 ea.
Alaska Bug Off Candle $11.00
Sweet juicy notes of pomegranate blended with
fruity pear.
Creamy coconut with a hint of zesty lemon.
A blend of tart cranberries and spiced apples,
with a touch of orange peel.
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Our hand-poured aromatherapy candles, made with a quality blend of waxes and high-grade essential
oils, will pleasantly scent any room even when not lit. We offer thirty different scents in square, round
and oval, from votive to a round 3.5x12-inch pillar. If you have any questions about a product or
shipping, please contact us.
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Bay Berry
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The perfect blend of bayberry, fir and balsam with a hint of
nutmeg and spice.
Blueberry Cheesecake
We're sorry but votive candles are not available for
fragrances in the Stripe Collection.
Aromatherapy Candles
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